Atlantis in Plato’s Works

Atlantis has been the subject of Plato’s two dialogues. These are the dialogues called Timaios and Kritias. Platon continued to explain the story of Atlantis, which began in the Timaios dialect and reconsidered it in Kritias. However, Kritias has remained unfinished. Plato is one of the most interesting works of Plato. Plato, in this work, has exposed the theme of the birth of the universe and exhibited it with a very radical understanding. Plato’s use of the concept of a “Creator of the Universe” in this dialogue has also led to different interpretations. Some authors have said that the chapters have been added later, and some have said that Plato was inspired by divine inspiration. However, this work, accepted by the majority, is the original work of Plato. Indeed, when examined carefully, it does not differ much from the other works of Plato.

Timaios, a writer who is more or less approached to his last years, is a work where the period of his esoteric knowledge is more intense. In this work, the information about the Universe in the “best astronomy and the world has been striving for the most to reach the essence” Timaios and the information about Atlantis Kritias also gives a kritias. It is not known. Here, Kritias says that Solon was the friend of his grandfather, and he had heard the same story from his grandfather. Plato’s expertly implies that the story has been told since ancient times.

The parts related to Atlantis in Timaios are as follows: “Solon told us that there was a country in the Delta in Egypt called the Saitikos towards the ledge that the Nile had divided into two, and that the largest city of this country was the hometown of King Amasis. He is a goddess who founded their city according to their people, and they named her Neith in their own language, but this goddess named her Athena, who is called Hellence, who love the Athenians very much and remembers their distance from them remotely. when he asked the most scholarly priests about ancient times, he said that neither he nor any other Hellenes knew anything, and on one occasion, when he drove them to speak of old things, he set out to describe the oldest things we had ever known.

From Phoroneus, Niobe, the flood, Deukalion and Pyrrha, who saved themselves, talked about the mythos returning from their birth and the descendants of their descendants. He tried to calculate the dates by predicting the dates of the events. Then one of the priests who were old enough to call him le Ah Solon, Solon, he said, H You Hellen are always children. There is no old man in your home country. The priest has replied that you are all very young, because you have a long-standing idea that is not based on an old tradition, nor a time-consuming knowledge. That’s why. People have been destroyed in many ways. The greatest disasters came from the fire, but there are even smaller catastrophes that occur for thousands of other reasons.

The story of Pheonon, son of Helios, whose land burns down on earth with his father’s running car and never kicks himself to death in the same way as you, can be told as a tale. The curves, a flare that occurs at long intervals, destroys everything on earth. Then in the mountains, those who live in high dry places, cities, seaside ruins more than those sitting. But the Nile, the usual savior, the Nile, overflows us from this disaster. On the contrary, when the gods bathe the world with a flood, the shepherds and the shepherds alone are saved by the mountain, but the people of the cities take the rivers into the sea.

However, we never water from the plains do not come from the high, always come under the soil in a natural way. It is said that the oldest customs are preserved. But the truth is that there are always more or less people in a place that does not take a cold that is cold enough to kidnap themselves. Whether you have it, we have it, or we have heard a name in another city, something beautiful, big, or in other respects, something that has been of interest, it has been here in the temples since the earliest times, so it is preserved. The opposite of you and other nations, the more you need to write and the state as soon as you learn everything, the waters of the sky after a certain time, such as a disease in a torrential oil on you

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