Basic Esoteric and Occult Terms and Concepts

Subjective and Objective Mind

Even a simple observation indicates that people are mentally objective and subjectively separated. These are two types of intelligence, and one outweighs others and others outweigh the others. Both are ideal, but humanity is generally far from ideal, as is well known. The objective mind is governed by the left sphere of the brain, logic, calculation, scientific thought is carried out here, and the right sphere is artistic and intuitive. One of the left sphere weight with one of the right spheres is hardly agreeable. Because the views are completely different.

What we call esotericism arises from unconscious connections in the right sphere of the brain. The signals from the five senses and the logical calculations carried out by the left sphere are not enough to understand it. But esoterism cannot be carried out with just the right global mentality. Certainly, both brain of the brain should work together and only when the human is in this state esoteric information is understood or revealed. Thus, esoterism = internal, western and exoterism = extrinsic, zahiri. So a way to understand esoterism is necessary.



The Priory means the road. So if the meaning of this word is decadent now, once someone or someone has searched for a meaning in a mess and found that it is necessary to prepare a roadmap to reach a final goal. They have developed a system that includes the steps to be followed within a specific program. They are the ones who want to guide others who have reached this ultimate goal. He called this system the cult. There is no other explanation. However, in the meantime, the word tarikat was an ideological system in which this original pure meaning was lost, an organization aimed at dark ambitions, or its followers were bound to a charismatic leader with absolute conviction. These new sects, called cults in the West, imprison their minds within certain patterns.

Now, the lesson we get here, there is a certain way of esoteric, but we will not call it a tarikat. Because the word. Tarikat uzak is no longer in the rare case, except in rare cases expresses meanings far from esoterism.

There are many ways to modern traveler. He doesn’t fall for the banal cliches as all the roads go to the same place. Finding the right path among all the options is vital for her. Honey from its mouth is awake enough not to surrender to every guide. Because he knows that he is the one who will walk. That road is not a way to go on someone else’s back. The road is short and easy.


Esoterism, Occultism and Maji

Now let’s go to the terms of esoterimz and occultism. Is esoterism and occultism the same or separate? Whoever says these are the same thing, one is outward the other secret. Whoever says these are separate, occultism is a branch of esotericism or a branch of esotericism occultism; or occultism malicious and good for esoterism; or esoterism is the hall occultism. I think occultism and esotericism are close together.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend that completely excludes the word “occultism”. At first glance, the word magic seems to be a radical expression. But don’t we say something fascinating about something that deeply affects us? Isn’t magic and the old wise magician or shaman a powerful symbol in our subconscious? When we come down to our traditional roots, we can see that this archetype is given an important role in every society. So we can take the example of this fearless truth traveler who embraces power and wisdom by putting aside all views that make us impotent. Because in this age where hypocrisy, mediocrity, artifact, and nativity prevail, all these deviations need to stop, the power to resist.


Brotherhood Organization

Now let’s go to another term. In the west, the word d羹zen order Bat覺 means order. However, as in many words, in western languages, this word has a variety of different understandings, and these meanings vary according to the sentence. An equivalent of this word is the organization or sect. Generally, if the order religion is called a sect, it is called a political or other organized organization. All organizational behaviors based on esoteric organization or secret organization are strictly bound by certain procedures (ritual). The privacy policy is meant to give it functionality. Even in the most primitive communities there are secret societies that are entered under special conditions. In some primitive tribes, it is enough to enter these societies. For example, when a child reaches the age of 13, he has to undergo some tests such as endurance to the pain, and, when he passes, a ritual through which the tribe’s secrets are taught. In ancient times, adult was not enough to enter my mystery schools. The purpose of the mystery schools was to create a person who had a sense of esoteric wisdom and a person of superior consciousness. Such people were given special titles. Among them are adept, adept, magus etc. more common ones. These people were considered as authorities and instructors in the esoteric organization. Nowadays, most of the existing esoteric organizations

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