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Mysteries of Mihtra

The Origin of Iran ord The Mithra rites replaced the Dionysus-Sabazius mysteries over time, while the caves of Mithra replaced the underground temples of the ancient gods in an area from Babylon to England. P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled 羹m The late Hellenistic era was an era dominated by pessimism. In this era, both the rationalism

3D Bio Printers To Be Used To Treat Wounds

Bio-printing is the layering of complex biological structures (tissue, organ) by the 3b printing process, precisely positioning the living cells.In the formation of biological structures;There are several approaches such as biomimicry, autonomous incorporation and mini-tissue building blocks.When forming biological structures, cells must be able to maintain their viability during the process.Biomimicry aims to produce biological

Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry 5 Review!Devil May Cry, one of the most established series in the world of video games, was able to reach a certain quality standard without any doubt (except for the second game).Particularly with the first game, the series that changed some of the basics of action games in the video game world,

Oldest Websites

First of all, although the internet was invented as a research network for two universities, it was later used as a military communication channel. If you already search for the name of ARPA, you can access more detailed information. Nowadays, the internet began to take shape after the mid-80s.In spite of the billions of websites

What is Freemasonry?

He claims that he defends the principles of brotherhood, liberty, equality and justice without regard to the differences of religion, language and race among the people. He was formed as a side philosophy to the Jewish national and religious philosophy and he was greatly influenced by Christian philosophy when he moved to Europe, but he

What is Esoterism?

When we all read an old text or hear about a legend, we think of something more than its symbolic meaning. It seems to us that there are deeper realities that these texts or myths want to tell, and only those who know how to solve these secrets. In fact, this thought is not wrong

Basic Esoteric and Occult Terms and Concepts

Subjective and Objective Mind Even a simple observation indicates that people are mentally objective and subjectively separated. These are two types of intelligence, and one outweighs others and others outweigh the others. Both are ideal, but humanity is generally far from ideal, as is well known. The objective mind is governed by the left sphere

Atlantis in Plato’s Works

Atlantis has been the subject of Plato’s two dialogues. These are the dialogues called Timaios and Kritias. Platon continued to explain the story of Atlantis, which began in the Timaios dialect and reconsidered it in Kritias. However, Kritias has remained unfinished. Plato is one of the most interesting works of Plato. Plato, in this work,