Mysteries of Mihtra

The Origin of Iran ord The Mithra rites replaced the Dionysus-Sabazius mysteries over time, while the caves of Mithra replaced the underground temples of the ancient gods in an area from Babylon to England. P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled 羹m The late Hellenistic era was an era dominated by pessimism. In this era, both the rationalism of Helen and the authoritarian religious institutions of the East had gone bankrupt. The only way out for both was to find a mind and logic rescuer who ignored the laws. Tap de The deities of Mithra in the West were not worshiped in the beliefs of Zoroastrian Mithra in Iran, but in Mesopotamia and Anatolia 癟覺kar nde it is more likely to be found in the cult of god. The Mithra of the West was a savior god in the age of the savior gods. A The cult of Mithra was derived from the Ahura-Mazda worshipers of the ancient Aris, and in ancient Iran in the fifteenth century BC has emerged. Ir Mihr 覺 (the Persian equivalent of Mithra) is not only a word that means la sun but also 癟a friend, friend ith. The original reason for this pagan deity to be worshiped as the god of the sun, as well as the sun god, was perhaps due to these meanings. At the beginning of the third century BC, the military authorities on the western borders of the Persian Empire began to worship Mithra as un divine warriors 襤. Mithra was no longer a loving sun god, a friend of power, a dostu invincible god, of soldiers. Quest for the Past

I The Mithra cult was the most universal of the beliefs of the ancient Armenians. Mithra was equivalent to the sun, Helios, and Apollon and Hermes on the other. Originally, this god was accepted as a kind of angel, a source of light that fought as the supporter of Ahura-Mazda. It seems that Mithra has always preserved his warrior character The Mithra holidays, the Mithrakanas, were celebrated every year on the sixteenth day of the seventh month in Iran. This feast continued until the birth of Islam.

Barney and Lang, The People of the Hills

Il覺r It was believed that Mithra was the eye of Ahura-Mazda and that he ruled the world. According to the beliefs of this cult, Mithra replaced the supreme god, having participated in the great struggle between Good and Evil, and ended with victory. In order to secure his own victory, Mithra sacrificed a large bull, regarded as the prototype of nature. Thanks to this sacrificing bull, nature has gained efficiency. Bu

Ninian Smart, The Religious Experience of Mankind

D覺 Mithraism spread with conquests of the Persian armies. As the great war machine of Persia expanded into Syria, Kalde and Asia Minor, the fame and influence of Mithra developed to the same extent. Even after Darius’s death, despite the competition of Helen’s culture, Mithraism continued to attract public attention.

Medi Mithraism has never been valued and accepted in Greece. This lack of interest stems from the antipathy that the Hellenes felt towards the Persians and the unforgettable wars between the two nations. However, this antipathy only remained Hellenistic; at the beginning of Christianity, the Mithra faith was spread from the Indus valley in the East to the Black Sea in the West. Mithra羹tcilik was widely accepted in the Anatolian plateau. The Romans met Mithraism and St. Paul’s hometown in Cilicia.

The Roman soldiers of Rome soon moved the belief of Mithra to their capitals. In the Hellenistic period, Mithraism, not well known outside the East, spread throughout Italy. Helen

Harry Kenison, The Mystery of Mithra

The cult of Mithra was received with great interest and enthusiasm by the Roman legionaries. Along with the legionaries, the Mithraism spread from Iran to Rome, Tunisia, the Rhine and the walls of London and Hadrian. Mithra was satisfying almost the same needs and urges that led people to Christianity, because it was a community of brotherhood in which rank and mutual responsibilities were based on the hidden bonds of a closed environment, not on the established social status. Mithraism was an underground network that spread into the social structure of the Roman Empire and demanded strong loyalty. M

John Romer, Testament

Cult Applications

Contrary to other mystery religions, Mithraism was only open to men. It is therefore unlikely to be regarded as a universal belief in any way. Mithra represented the sun (left invictus) that was unbeaten and never to be defeated, symbolizing the courage, success and self-confidence of the soldiers. The ethical values of cult included self-control and similar virtues necessary for a soldier. These values were the main reason for the spread of the Mithraism in the Roman army. The guardians of the emperors were also very active. Beginning in the second century AD, the Roman Emperors had the title invictus ict. 襤S

Ninian Smart, The Religious Experience of Mankind

Mithraism recognized that divine knowledge was arranged in seven degrees. The transition of members from one degree to the next was carried out by a special initiation ceremony of each degree, courage and endurance examinations. The seven degrees of knowledge correspond to the seven planets, and the climbing of the degrees symbolized the spirit’s rise over the planetary layers to heaven. Y

Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects

Eyen The lowest degree of initiation, symbolizing the death of the new member and his rebirth as a completely different person, was called yeniden Sacrement amb.

Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies

Liturgy of Mithra esi (Mithra Ayini), a text influenced by Hermetic Gnosticism, e Today, you re born, you are one of countless people who have gained immortality n, and ra Life born again to replicate life giving birth M Lit

Mircea Eliade, Rites and Symbols of Initiation

Sat Ascension, symbolized by seven degrees of initiation, each led by a planet: Raven (Mercury), Bride (Venus), Soldier (Mars), Lion (Jupiter), Persia (Moon), Aware of the Sun (Sun) and Father (Saturn ). The ultimate goal was to overcome all levels of the cosmos and to reach static stars and infinity. Ama癟

An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism

Bir In the secret rituals of caves, a separate mask and clothing were worn for each degree.

Di Candidates would be accepted if they successfully passed the twelve separate exams to the Mithra cult. These exams included fierce trials such as fire, water, hunger, cold, flogging, grazing and bloodshed. This exam process almost consumed candidates lasted seven weeks. Successful ones would hide and hide the mysteries of religion, and then they would be baptized. Baar

Quest for the Past

Di Once the applicants had had their privacy, they would only learn the sacred words the cult members knew. A pointed headband, a tunic with a tunic and a horoscope symbol with pictures of the constellations on it, and a shepherd’s wand will be ignited. A gold snake that stuck to his chest would prove to be initiated as a Mithra disciple. G繹

Bir The most notable practice among the Mithra ceremonies was that the candidate had a fake death experience. Death was thought of as a logical preparation of the renewal of life and the creation of all spiritual values. Death in Egypt was the beginning of a new life. The property of death and rebirth was so convincing that Commodus, the Emperor, could not help but commit the murder in the practice of ritual. Ger癟ek

Harry Kenison, The Mystery of Mithra

The main ceremony of Mithraism was taurobolium. At this ceremony, where a bull was sacrificed as a ritual, Mithra’s first act was repeated and his memory was celebrated. Candidates were baptized with the blood of the bull and passed on the life-giving characteristics of the bull. It should be noted that this part of the ceremony is very similar to the rituals of the Kybele cult, the Great Mother of Asia Minor. In

Ninian Smart, The Religious Experience of Mankind

. After killing the bull, Mithra and Sol made friends with a banquet of bulls. In the meantime, people wearing animal masks would serve them. At the end of the banquet, two gods would rise to heaven with Sol’s car. This feast created a common table paradigm where the fellow prostitutes wearing masks showing their level of initiation shared their allies together. In the same way, those who believed in Mithra believed that they would eat the flesh of the bull and drink their blood, and that they would be reborn, and that, together with Mithra, the sun would rise to his heavenly home, and become immortal. Ayn覺

An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism

Bu It is seen that Mithraism, which is likely to be at the origin of some of today’s secret organizations, contains many elements that form the basis of such organizations. The Mithra cult is an educational system that strives to create the experience of creating a real or fictional relationship with its supreme being on its members. Believing in the power of a number of words to provide certain events beyond the power of mankind shows the magical aspect found in Mithraism. 襤nsan

Diz diz The secret doctrine of religion was to physically restrain himself to gain power over his own body. The training of directing sexual desire into psychic areas shows that Mithraism, in all its mystical currents, follows the method of gaining spiritual power through discipline. In this respect, the Mithra cult is separated from the more primitive and less important currents, which consist of all immortality, indiscriminate sexual indulgence, and collective immorality. Bu

Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies

Christianity and Christianity

U Although we do not know enough about Mithra’s religious and religious rituals, we can clearly see that Paul’s narrative style is closer to the terms of the Mithra cult than the Bible.

Wynn-Tyson, Mithras

Doomsday, judgment day, resurrection in Mithraism, and the second coming of which Mithra overthrew the principle of wickedness has been accepted as religious truths. The shepherds were born and brought gifts to Mithra who was born in a cave. Bir

Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy

Land Just like the Christians, the Mithraists also believed that their liberators had descended from the heavens, shared their last meal with twelve followers, rescued mankind from their own blood, and were revived after death. Even if it were with bull blood, they would baptize new believers to be purified from past sins. A

Quest for the Past

l羹m The sunrise and sunset, symbolized by Mithra, are reminiscent of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Moreover, the celebration of the birth of the sun god is celebrated on 25 December, the birthday of Jesus. In both religions, there are ceremonies of baptism and blessing of bread and wine. Her

Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects

“Those who do not eat my body and those who do not drink my blood, so that those who do not join me will not be saved.”

M. Vermaseren, Mithras, The Secret God
i While they were eating, Jesus blessed and bought the bread. Then he split and gave to his disciples. Here, this is my body, he said. Then he bought a glass, gave thanks after giving them. They all drank. Jesus said, ant This is my covenant blood for many. 襤sa

Mark 14: 22-26

In the Gospel of Matthew, there is the last food scene that equates Jesus with Mithra, but the Mithrah’s rejection of the naming of the monks as Father and in Father of the Father yemek.

William Harwood, Mythologies Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus

. But don’t be called Rabbi. Because your teacher is one, you are all brothers. Don’t call any father on earth. Because your heavenly Father is one. Don’t let them call you manager. Because your Manager is one: Christ. 羹nk羹

Matthew 23: 8-10

Ob The Holy Father of the Mithraists, the abbot, wore red hoods and clothing, put on rings, and carried a shepherd’s wand. The head of the Christians took the same title and dressed in the same way. The Christian priests, like the monks of the Mithra, used the name, Father gibi (Father), despite the strict prohibition of Jesus. H覺r

Bir bir The priests of Mithra used to wear a long hood as a symbol of their duties. Christian priests also adopted this title. To commemorate the rise of the sun-god, the Mithraists had a sun-shaped donut, called the, mizd M, with a relief of the Mithra cross. This donut is also adapted to Christianity. In Catholics, unleavened bread still preserves the sun shape. Kat

I From Julius Caesar to Gratianus, all the Roman Emperors had the title of pontifex maximus (great priest, pope) of the gods. Theodosius, as a Christian, thought that this was not in accordance with his status and rejected the title. The archbishop of Rome passed on this title to him. Un

William Harwood, Mythologies Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus

Masonry and Freemasonry

Tedir Mithraism is of great importance to the masons, because this old mystery religion contains many of the symbols of freemasonry. In some aspects of Mason’s wisdom, it is very likely that Mithraism will contribute. Mason

Harry Kenison, The Mystery of Mithra

Mithraism is holy freemasonry.

Sir Samuel Dill, Roman Society

Mason writers have stated that there are many similar points between Freemasonry and Mithraism. Albert Pike once said that Freemasonry is the modern heiress of the ancient mystery religions. This is a claim I don’t approve. There are some similarities between the old mystery religions and our brotherhood, but most of these similarities are superficial and have external characteristics such as organization and rituals rather than content Eski

M. Nevertheless, the similarities between Freemasonry and Mithraism are surprising.

L. Haywood, Mithraism: Freemasonry and Ancient Mysteries
Ar覺 While the Roman legions of Mithra were spreading to Germany, France and the British Isles, they took the architects and the brick workers with them to build bridges, roads and castles. This may be due to the similarities between Masonry and Mithraism, in some respects. Mason

Harry Kenison, The Mystery of Mithra

Utur Maniism was born from the ashes of Mithraism. St. Augustine, who spent a lot of time trying to organize the Roman Catholic Church and theology, was an ardent Manieri before. Thus, thanks to St. Augustine, many features of the old Mithra belief have been transferred to Christianity. Paulisianism from Manichism, Paulisianism, Cathar, Patari, Waldyne and Hugenot, which are the strongest cults of the Middle Ages, and similar developments have originated. Through these different channels Mithraism continued in Europe. As is often suggested, it is possible to find traces of this ancient cult on the mason ceremony and its symbols. However, it is inevitable that such theories are vague and difficult to prove; moreover, it is not important enough to be discussed too much on this theory. 羹st

L. Haywood, Mithraism: Freemasonry and Ancient Mysteries
Freemasonry is the changing Mitharism in and has the remains of its secret initiation ceremonies.

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