What is Esoterism?

When we all read an old text or hear about a legend, we think of something more than its symbolic meaning. It seems to us that there are deeper realities that these texts or myths want to tell, and only those who know how to solve these secrets. In fact, this thought is not wrong at all.

Especially in Europe and America, which has been used very often in recent times in Turkish ot ─░├žrek ot in the word esoteric meaning is hidden within the word is defined only to describe the teachings described to selected people.

Esoterism comes from the word or) or or or or or or Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli Gizli ait ait ait ait ait ait ait ait ait ait ait,,,,,,,,, ait ait The root of this word is esw- (inside, inside).

As a word meaning, esoterism is called er the doctrine that does not descend or descend to the level of the people that is explained to only a certain number of followers S├Âz. The esoteric doctrine is called ─▒lan all knowledge and teachings that are orally transmitted to the disciples dok (Petit Robert)

Meydan Larousse Encyclopedia gives more information under the title of İÇREK, which is synonymous with Turkish:

| Only taught to those who | The foundation is used for non-understandable information and works. …

ANS─░KL. Fels. The word inner is anti-outer. It is said that Pythagoras divides the inaccesses into outer and outer breads; the first were only candidates; The second ones are those who know the teachings of the master with all the subtleties and secrets. The idea of ÔÇőÔÇőa mysterious doctrine that no one else can grasp from the secrets of the secret and the secret knowledge seems to be very pleasant to many people, and in every period little or very lame communities (MSL Mason Associations) have been established.

– Giz. ilm. Any religion, only the secret and hidden information is explained to those who have learned the name of science. Kabbalah’s internal manuscripts are called ÔÇŁstarving, and az key Kab. The inner teachings, playing fortune telling, the secrets of the alchemists, the magic, magic, kabbalah traditions, secret religious ceremonies and so on. Covered. The explanation of Apokalipsis, the interpretation of the dreams that Hezeikel sees is one of the few issues. Ap

The point that should be considered in this definition is that in Greece the term ─▒n internal and external okul is used, ─č─▒ it is the first to use the term iko exwterikoV kullan─▒l – it is seen that these refer to the schools of philosophy in general. We will see esoteric schools in ancient Greece in our future articles. Moreover, esoteric communities have been established for a certain purpose, not because the idea of ÔÇőÔÇőa di mysterious doctrine Ayr─▒ca has been welcome for years.

To make a wider definition, esoterism is called metaphysical teachings, which are given only to a certain selected community (called ─▒l─▒─č─▒ inisye <fr. Initi├ęe ir), which are transmitted by symbols and passwords, which are based on fr sadece initiation. The content of these teachings and the stages of maturation will be examined in detail in various cultures.

In the meantime, those who want to underestimate esotericism say that esoterism applies to many areas. For example, chemistry and mathematics physics are transmitted only to those who want to learn it. This applies to everything, even the tactics that a coach gives to his team are by means of symbols, as if a ritual is applied before the match. These examples can only be given as examples to describe esoterism. But esotericism refers to the esoteric teachings with the meaning used today.

The esoteric doctrines have survived throughout the ages, since they are only given to those who are ready to receive these teachings, and can adapt to the changes brought by the age, both symbology and explanation. These doctrines did not spread in large masses, and were destroyed and destroyed. In this way, the purity of the teachings of the last half of this century in the ÔÇťinformation ├Â─čret in parallel with the ─▒ information kor has come to light in part. As a result of this, misunderstandings or biased publications also emerge.

One thing to be aware of esotericism is the esoteric and ecoteric aspects of religions, but esotericism is not only the esoteric side of religions. Besides, esoterism is not only a religion belonging to certain communities. The sacred is not only the monopoly of religion, but in other words, every teaching that deals with the sacred does not have to be a religion. Esoterism is a deeper view of the sacred.

In general, esoterism is not a belief, but a tradition that comes from the beginning of the history of mankind to the present, it is more appropriate to perceive it as teaching. With this knowledge, it is easier to understand the works of many artists and thinkers in history.

In our country, a few books about esoterism have emerged.

The best example of this is Cihangir Gene, which was published in our country in June 1994.

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