What is Freemasonry?

He claims that he defends the principles of brotherhood, liberty, equality and justice without regard to the differences of religion, language and race among the people. He was formed as a side philosophy to the Jewish national and religious philosophy and he was greatly influenced by Christian philosophy when he moved to Europe, but he did not lose anything from his primary aim.

The main objective is to take control of the world for some of the events that they believe will exist in the future. In this, it is aimed to disrupt the national and spiritual values that make people human, the main source of their self and resistance.

Besides, it is aimed to take control of economic, political and social events which have become the control of human life for many years. For this purpose, the target group of Freemasonry is the senior.

A significant segment of this upper level is the business community that has become a member of this group for the sake of Mason solidarity and financial benefits. These circles, by following orders from the top, are the means of managing the world economy from a single source.

Another slice is the slice of the politicians, the most effective control of the economic and social events. Another slice is MEDIA, which is the most important slice.

Social, political and economic events always interact with each other. The media reflecting this interaction is the media. By controlling the media, it is possible to direct the society, to make them sleepy and to think instead, and to shift to the chaos. Because people often fall into a misconception that they do not think that they see and hear the truth. In the following sections, we will discuss our claims regarding freemasonry one by one

Another point of interest to Freemasonry is a serious sense of confidentiality. This concept of secrecy to keep the Masonic secrets and teachings hidden. In this way, it was wanted to prevent the deciphering of the main objectives. It is possible to express the general principle of Freemasonry on privacy as follows: un Freemasonry should make itself felt everywhere, but it should not be seen anywhere. Eli And we see that the goal of freemasonry is to create a psychological impact on society by something else. Because what is known to exist in Human Psychology, which is felt but cannot be seen, is hidden. There are many pictures depicting the work of the betrayals of the masonic secrets and the heads of the betrayals who are betraying the freemasonry. Although such examples are not in our age, medieval times were frequently experienced.

According to the Freemasons, they express themselves differently. For example, niyet The biggest fear of those who attack Mason and the freemasons of Freemasonry, what is and what is not Freemasonry is a clear and clear understanding of what is in society. As覺 In the words of ve clearly and thoroughly understand a癟覺k癟a wanted to express that, but they intend to prevent the intentioned.

Our answer to this word will be. If freemasonry wanted to pek be clear and well understood, mak he could do so with the means. However, until the present time, the words of LEBAN (!) Are full of fancy sentences. Here are the original interlocutors of the speeches, the main ones are afraid to be ason clearly and thoroughly Burada recognized. For this reason, they are always organized, most people are unaware of the existence of an institution called Freemasonry. They do their meetings behind closed doors and do not compromise privacy, they agree with special signs called ten LEMS ler. All of this reveals the extent to which Freemasonry is an institution that is afraid of being recognized. Thus, less pressure on the prying eyes of freemasonry freemason to reduce them in Turkey, though lately showpiece events were organized exhibitions.

The Freemasons describe the Freemasonry as follows; yor Freemasonry is a system that aims at the peace and happiness of all people and all societies. It is a system that enables individuals to advance in this way.. It is argued that Masons embraces countries such as world citizenship and internationalism, and that the Masons work for peace and happiness.

In practice, the masons see only the same members of the organization, and only help those who are connected to the same organization, where the aim is not mankind, but the happiness and peace of the freemasonry. According to the Freemasons, another aim of freemasonry is; Free, thoughtful, good morals, knowledgeable, virtuous, loving their own societies and people, striving for their happiness in their evolutionary direction and devoting themselves to the priority, keeping the priority of justice, to increase the number of people who are trying to bring their own values to others. is expressed as.

In the words above, we also understand that freemasonry has a large number of writers. The truth is very different from that.

Take sentence sentence. It is unreasonable to talk about free thought, for years being mentioned as freemasonry iri just like a cube stone lu, controlled, shaped, free-minded minds freed from freemasonry (!). Freedom in Freemasonry consists of leaving the man to be freed from the spiritual and national identity ere independent m to masonic values, and always recognizing the priority to masonic values.

Good morals, knowledge and virtue are mentioned, as they are values that are appreciated by all people, and are used here to decorate the sentence. Today, freemasonry is the community of people, who are committed to their financial interests and who are attracted to their political, economic and personal ambitions. In any case, the Freemasonry Institution accepts the people who can use it as Masha Zaten. Never a butcher, genius, primary school teacher can not be mason, no matter how moral, knowledgeable, virtuous. But there’s a holding boss or a politician, no matter how awful he may be a freemason. From this, we can draw the following conclusions: Freemasonry chooses people who are in favor of their interests, and people are mason for their interests.

The expression evi self-sacrificing for their own society and people, their devotion to their advancement and happiness in their evolutionary way ba is in itself a contradiction, because the brotherhood of masonic, the freemasonry are always always in front of national and spiritual social understanding. In terms of language and racial segregation, it is seen that in Masonic lodges, especially Jews and revolutions have the most important positions.

Turkey Freemasonry Sabbatians the basics of Thessaloniki (crypto-Jews) have taken. On this day, the solidarity between the rulers and the masons continues, one of the examples that shows the relationship between Judaism and Freemasonry.

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